Installing and using VIM Color Schemes

Publish date: Oct 2, 2017
Tags: linux, vim

To change the color scheme in your VIM text editor, it is a good idea to first install Vundle and use it to import color schemes into your VIM. Do the:

cd ~/.vim/bundle/
git clone

Now create .vimrc file if you dont have one, in your root directory:

touch ~/.vimrc

To get some inspiration and paths to color schemes I advise to go to and browse the page until you find your fit. Then click on it, and on the bottom right corner you will find Source which links to its github page. Remember this address because you will need it to tell Vundle where your theme is.

Got your theme? Lets install it. Do the:

vim ~/.vimrc

and add the plugin. After the:

let vundle manage Vundle

line add new line which says for example:

Plugin ‘vim-scripts/greenvision’

If the github address is for example:, you just copy everything after the Vundle will handle the rest, you just have to command it from vim with this command:


If there are any errors make sure you spelled the name of color scheme right. Now just pick the theme with this vim command:

:colorscheme greenvision

Thats it! Happy coding with your new VIM.